• Organic meals, schooling and kindergarten, car-pooling, maintenance, hair dressing and more are offered to permanent members.
  • Other services are available for the community and the surrounding neighborhood, such as Yoga classes and global health services including Bowen therapy and Osteopathy.


  • Celebration of holidays like Christmas and Easter are prepared with great enthusiasm.
  • Celebrations for special events are organized by the school and students. These events provide excellent occasions for children to perform their art and music, and to show their progress in science, knowledge of religions, apprenticeship of different cultures, etc.
  • Summertime brings lots of joy with outdoor meals and sports tournaments.

Decisions making

  • We’ve experienced many different ways of making decisions along the years, depending on the needs of the moment. The current administrative committees are formed by all individuals in charge of the different community services. Major decisions concerning the whole community are based on the votes of all adult members—the majority prevails.