Hands-on learning through real life experience

If you would like to gain a direct experience of the lifestyle at La Cite Écologique in Ham-Nord, you may participate in our internship program. Hands-on learning through real life experience in a fun & dynamic environment! We receive students from all over the world from March to the end of September. Our internships program is offer on our organic farm. This experience is for those seeking a comprehensive experience with organic farming, specifically in vegetable production, (fruits and vegetables in greenhouses and fields). And, of course, it is the best way to participate in the ecovillage lifestyle. Also, students in agronomy and other disciplines are welcome. Ask your university, your internship could probably be accredited!

Notes :

  • Participants will be required to follow some of our community rules.
  • Registration fees will be applied for your first internship. (75$)
  • The proposed activities may change depending on the season and the number of registrations.


Here are some of our interns’ comments:

Christina (Yukon) September 2013

I really appreciate that the Cite offers such internships. It was a pleasure to meet everyone, to get to know them and the Cite, and to feel part of the community. Thank you so much for sharing and for this opportunity. Thank you!

Juan Esteban Estrada (USA) May-June 2010

The experience was absolutely fantastic. The entire community was very welcoming, the work was not too hard, and I learned a lot about agriculture. Staying at la Cité Écologique was a fantastic experience. The inhabitants are very passionate about what they do. A true community!

David (USA) winter 2010

I was immediately struck by the creativity, happiness, and joy emanating from the community’s members; it felt like I had known these people my entire life. The powerful experiences I had in that brief one week stay in Cite Ecologique convinced me that cooperative communities can indeed change the world. There is more to life than getting good grades in school, graduating from college, getting a lucrative salary, buying a house with a white picket fence, and dying with fame and fortune. Ananda and Cité Écologique are two examples of cooperative communities that have offered a heartfelt alternative to the material core of Western society. My passion is to bring other communities together in the same way that Ananda and Cité Écologique are currently pursuing

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For any questions about the internship program, contact :

Nébesna Fortin
E-mail :
Phone : (819) 795-8396